Driving Taxi offers individual Taxi Drivers a variety of services and portal. Drivers, Passengers and interested people can share tips and suggestions, book rides and have Drivers and Companies bid for your business. Also get Taxi and Limo Companies to bid for your business with our new Transportation Quote search engine. Just fill out the form to the right and you’ll see all the companies in your area and the discount rates they will offer you!

Here are some of the services we offer and plan to introduce soon:

  • Your own taxi driver or company listing for FREE!
  • Mobile App to use and earn money thru referrals
  • Portal and links to other taxi resources and opportunties
  • Cabby and Customers Stories to share online
  • Coming Soon – Classified, Social Club and Taxi University

Latest News

Taxi Cabs Should Have WiFi is A Must!

Taxi Cabs Should Have WiFi is A Must!

Once upon a time, taking a taxi was a pretty simple process. You hailed a taxi from the corner, or caught one outside the arrivals terminal at the airport. You told the driver where you were headed, and then you sat back and rode. The time between catching it and arriving at your destination was dead time – downtime where there was nothing that could be done. That’s changing today. Wi-Fi in a cab allows you access to unprecedented [Read More...]
Liftago Taxi App

Liftago Taxi App

Liftago Taxi App Helps Drivers Earn More! Liftago is a community-based distribution platform designed to conquer the issues of double-sided market. We use it for our Liftago Taxi. Current taxi apps (e.g. MyTaxi, Hailo, Uber) spent 2+ years and $$$ to get 0.6% share of the taxi-app market. Liftago earns revenue from the fees that driver prepay to get another Liftago taxi order. We use that revenue to kickstart a distribution platform for partners [Read More...]